Public Places


Schools, Clinics and Public Places.

Our awareness of the significance of maintaining a clean environment within public places like schools, universities, clinics, hospitals so on… drives us towards offering this service. It is very important that such facilities are always clean and never carry germs whatsoever because after all we are talking about human health here which is a very sensitive topic and should be very well taken care of. As you may already know, maintaining a hygienic environment has many benefits especially if a large number of people frequently use the establishment and these advantages become apparent as time progresses. Here are some reasons why it is important to keep these places clean.

In Clinics and hospitals:

Health: Employing regular cleaners in such places largely contributes towards health and safety compliance. doctors, patients spend a lot of the time in a room, an enclosed space. In this case, lack of cleanliness could lead to contagious diseases becoming rife. Jackline ensures the place is always clean to promote attendance and more importantly the health of the people.

In School:

Habits: It is correct to assume that this places are where many of these children will spend a large amount of their time. This means the environment will largely influence many of the habits the children will adopt. If the environment is not very clean, the children could possibly pick up unhygienic tendencies and these will lead to lack of effort of being clean both at home and at school.

Better learning : A clean environment always enhances the atmosphere for the better. In this instance, a clean and well-organised classroom uplifts the ambience and everyone’s spirit therefore the teachers will be inspired to teach and the students will be willing to learn. A freshly clean and spacious atmosphere can create a positive learning experience leading to better student achievements.