Maid Service


Premium Maid Service

We are Providing Professional part time and full time Maids / Cleaners in Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman on very flexible plans and Affordable rates. We provide services by dedicated professional cleaning staff, trained in all aspects of cleaning under management. These maids in Dubai, are trained to clean any property from home to office, school and hospital. Our team of cleaning professionals use the most hygienic and technically advanced cleaning approaches. Our qualified manager will make sure the job is done best on time and to the highest standard. And here is the reason why you should consider to hire a maid:

  • More free time. Are you missing those family movie nights, and getting to take the whole family out skating or bowling? With housework already done, you get more hours to spend doing what you love – with the help of a few maids, Cleveland can be fun again!
  • No supplies to buy or store. When you hire a maid service, they bring the best cleaners and equipment with them which are  friendly to the people and environment, so you don’t have to worry about having cleaning supplies spilling out of every cabinet and closet.
  • Experts do your cleaning. Sure, anyone can push a broom or scrub a toilet, but having trained professionals cleaning your house means they know exactly how to get that stain out of the living room rug and they have that special attachment needed to vacuum your floor to ceiling drapes.